one more quick update

September 1, 2010

Just wanted to quick post a picture of the fun outfit I wore to the student showcase last week.  It includes two new wardrobe additions, the super sweet hat and a crinoline skirt under my dress.  Both were bought at the Underwired Boutique in Bethlehem, PA and both are pretty awesome if you ask me.

I’ve actually been really surprised how easy vintage shopping has been for me.  I guess I always figured that that most clothes would be made of leather, silk and feathers, but there has been a lot of cotton, polyester and wicker things so far.



August 24, 2010

I don’t want to come off as phony or a liar here, so let’s be honest, I haven’t updated in a long time and have sort of been a slacker. Now this does not mean that I have been lazy , in fact, I have been a very busy busy lady.  Here are some of the things I’ve done lately and will do soon:

World Famous *Bob* - photo by Jac Chandross

“Your Face for the World to See” – A makeup and wig crash course on how to unleash ones inner drag queen/sowgirl. This class was awesome and The World Famous *Bob* is super duper sweet and informative.  I took this class through the NY school of Burlesque and I’d highly suggest it to anyone!

Pinups for Pitbulls – I had mentioned this on facebook and this blog, but last weekend I went down to Philly to meet up with Dale Rio and two of my friends and their pitbull Wilma joined us to shoot photos for the 2011 calendar.  There are lots of rules about the submission photos, so unfortunately I cannot show you the results of this photo shoot, but they are amazing!

This past weekend was my sister’s wedding ceremony so I had to go back to Pennsylvania.  This also means I had a chance to stop by Underwired Boutique to buy a whole bunch of fun vintage goodies I’ll have to show in a later post.

This weekend I am in a music video for the band The Electric Mess! I found out about this gig via the NY Pinup Club on  This I am super excited about and will try to get some pictures this weekend to show the process of being in a music video.

memorial retro/kitsch

June 1, 2010

pillbox and sloppy joe

OH MY! This post was so full of spelling errors and mistypes I had to go back and edit it! Serves me right for thinking I could make a post so late at night after such a busy weekend!

This past  Friday-Monday I got to return home to PA for Memorial Day weekend.  It was fantastic. I hadn’t been home for awhile, and one of the great things, besides seeing family and friends, was that I tried on all my old prom dresses, which fit, so I can use them for costumes.

While in the Lehigh Valley I decided to stop by the UnderWired Boutique, a small but rocking vintage store I had heard about from various people. I didn’t have time to really investigate all of the goods, but I was super excited to find a large collection of vintage ladies hats.  Now, one of the super bonuses of shopping in a vintage store that is not in New York is the price.  I can safely say I bought three hats for probably what it would cost to get just one in New York.

The UnderWired Boutique is a super great with lots of wonderful finds and personality.  While shopping, I

pink flower hat and PA Dutch potato salad

was able to strike up a conversation with the woman working behind the counter.  Usually the woman behind the desk is Lisa O’Brien, the owner and founder of the store, but this weekend Lisa happened to be at a wedding so her friend Carinne was manning the register.  Carinne and I talked about the clothes, retro style, the Lehigh Valley scene and burlesque.  When I mentioned that I was shopping for burlesque costumes, Carinne was very excited and we talked awhile which ended in me giving her info on several shows, venues and performers to check out.

The store sells a large amount of great vintage finds mixed with new creations, various local designers’ goods and hula hoops from the Happy Hooper company (the ones who taught me how to hoop!).  If you are interested in knowing more about the store, they have a blog, and if you are too far away to visit, you can also  purchase pieces through their etsy page.

sculptured style hat with birdcage veil and strawberry/blueberry pie

Instead of just posting plain pictures of my hat purchases I thought I would do a little themed photo shoot to model them.  Paired with each hat is a typical American barbeque meal (in honor of Memorial Day), all of which I made and all of which were vegan.  I tried to think kitsch and embody my inner stereotypical 50’s housewife for the menu planning.

Pair the addition of three fun new hats with a bunch of new costume prom dresses and I am one happy vegan burlesque performer.  I was also quite proud of my cooking abilities. I mean, check out that red, white and blue strawberry/blueberry pie!  If anyone is interested in the recipes for the food I am proudly showing off, let me known and I can get the recipes for you.

But now it is late and Memorial Day is over.  I hope you all had fantastic ones, and if you aren’t American or don’t do anything on the date, I hope you had a great Monday anyway !