The man, the myth, the Campbell

This past Thursday my partner and I headed down to Coney Island U.S.A. for the Casino O’ Fortune Cookie’s tribute to Bruce Campbell.   If you don’t know who Bruce Campbell is, I feel sorry for you.  If you do, you understand why this was a show not to be missed.

This was my first Casino O’Fortune Cookie production, and it was amazing.  I have to say that sometimes themed shows can be boring or lame, but because Bruce Campbell has a lot of variety in his career, it wasn’t painful. It was awesome.

Anita Cookie, Clams Casino and Neal O’Fortune were great hosts, and I appreciated that Anita Cookie even thought outside the B.C. box enough to do an act inspired by his Old Spice “Hungry Like the Wolf” ad. And Clams Casino’s chin act was an honorable tribute piece.

Sizzle Dizzle’s Autolycus (Xena) act was amazing and Jezebel’s S Mart chainsaw act was fantastic. This show was also my first time seeing Velocity Chyaldd – which is quite an act to take in.  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, so I won’t say much except nudity and lots of fake blood.

I am super excited to continue to take in the themed Burlesque shows and hope to be in some in the future!


Beelzebabe Agogo dances before the 2nd show at Drive Thru Burlesque 7/23/10

I need to make this a short post because it is late and I should really be in bed, but I couldn’t wait any longer!  I had been invited by Lefty Lucy and Sizzle Dizzle to help out in their new burlesque production, Drive Thru burlesque – a 3 part burlesque show that goes from 8pm till way late into the night at the Parkside Lounge.

doughnut from babycakes= pre show dinner? Looked better in the store but melted due to the ridiculous heat!

I had been invited to go-go and kitten, which i was excited about since it was my first go-go gig.  I had made two separate mixes to go-go to in case there was some extra time.  I also took an old burlesque costume and added so much more dangle and sparkle, it was ridiculous!

On the way to the Parkside Lounge I got to stop by Babycakes Bakery – an all vegan establishment that specializes in gluten free and some sugar free desserts.  I got a doughnut, which was delicious, though I was expecting a fried doughnut and this one was more cake-like in consistency.  Still I had little time to get from work and make the 7:00 call time, so this sufficed to keep my energy (and sugar levels) up during the show.

sweaty sweaty after show Anja. It's in the dark because the show was going on and I didn't want to distract with a flash.

Now, I had made these go-go mixes and was super excited to dance to them, but unfortunately time constraints made me have to shorten my go-go time.    Although I was sad, it was also nice because the sweltering heat wave hitting NY made for super sweaty go-go dancing.  Backstage I could literally ring the sweat out of my hair it was so ridiculous.  So I did my go-go, which went well except I slipped out of my shoes a few time from being so sweaty.  I made a fan in the audience who just thought I was the cat’s pajamas and kept praising me from her seat.  I also had a lot of fun.

After this I kittened for 4 performers: Philly Caramel, Franny Fluffer, Gemini Rising (who I Slipper Room debuted with), and Little Stormy doing a magic act with her husband, Magic max. The ladies were kind and friendly backstage and before I knew it, the first act was done.  I jumped up and danced until the next go-go lady, Beelzebabe agogo, was ready, and then I caught an act by Clams Casino and lefty Lucy before having to head and out meet friends.

It was a hot night outside, but inside it was even hotter.  No, really, I was sweating like no one business.  It was a great experience though and I can’t wait till my next chance at go-go dancing.