I hope to share my adventure with all of you as I research, learn, discover and go forward into the world of burlesque on my own vegan terms.  This won’t be a preachy blog, so no worries if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian.  Instead I hope this will be more of an informative resource on places to shop, inspiring burlesque performers, and a way of tracking my progress as I work to take the stage and become a burlesque star, so you can do it too!


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello!

    My name is Lisa and my good friend Carinne told me you were in my shop, UnderWired, yesterday. She had lots of great things to say about you, and I checked out your blog. Great stuff! Thank you for visiting the shop! I want you to know that I added a “blogroll” list to my blog (underwiredboutique.blogspot.com) and you are on the list.

    Thanks again. I look forward to hearing more about your burlesque adventures!


    • Hey Lisa!

      Aww, thanks! I will be posting pictures of the hats I bought tomorrow and will link your site. If I figure out how to do links on my site I’ll make sure to add UnderWired. Your store was amazing!

  2. Hallo! I heard about you from Red Devotchkin and thought you may be interested in this speech/article about cruelty-free burlesque from another Aussie performer, Zahra Stardust, which includes veganism


  3. Pam- from Burlesque festival said

    Hey Anja,

    I met you at the Sunday burlesque festival classes (I was the really nerdy one having my book signed with you, I wore the masquarade mask at Bob’s workshop…maybe you remember me)– I got so excited that I went home and looked up everyone!

    Hope this doesnt creep you out but it sounds like we have a few thing in common (i have a psych BA, im a vegetarian) anyway— I was just wondering how you broke into performing! I took the series, but I have no performance background so I just dont know where to start. Did you take any of the act development classes? Did you perform through new york school of burlesque or somewhere else for your first time? Do you make your own costumes? haha lots of questions- Im just so excited about getting involved with Burlesque stuff but I dont have any burlesque friends to bounce things off of! If you have time please shoot me an email at Killerqueen0419@aol.com

    Thanks so much lady!
    (by the way I love your stage name- I need to get one stat!)

  4. Justine said

    Hi! I’m a blogger for Vegansaurus, and I found your blog when looking up Vegan burlesque performers. I’m a big fan of burlesque, and I’d love the opportunity to conduct a (virtual) interview so our readers could learn more about your experience being vegan and a performance artist.

    Could I email you a few questions and we could take it from there?

    Justine Q (email:justinemett@gmail.com)

  5. Bunny Bedford said

    Congrats! It’s my first festival too! I’m so excited. I read your blog and now I’ll get to meet and work with you which is amazing. My blog is fullfrontalmom.blogspot.com

    I believe we may live in the same area but I am not sure. Feel free to email me

    • Ah, I hail from the Lehigh Valley, is that near where you are at?

      Good luck with your conquest as detailed in your blog! I’ll be excited to see your progress at the Jim Thorpe festival!

  6. hello fellow vegan burlesquer! Rock on!

  7. The review is live, and here’s the permalink.

    Hope to see you next month!

  8. staci said

    Just wanted to say hello. I found your blog via Missy Aggravation’s blog (she’s a friend of some friends of mine here in Chicago). I am vegan and though not a burlesque performer, I am a belly dancer and face some of the same costuming and make-up challenges. Every workshop or festival I attend I always come across gorgeous headpieces that are near perfect…except for the damn feathers or sea shells. *sigh* And then there’s the leather belts and silk scarves. Blech. It’s always nice to see other vegans out there performing!

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