photo poll!

July 17, 2010

okay, first off, sorry I am late with this post.  I know I said thursday I would be posting this poll on friday, and it is now Saturday, but I also didn’t expect today’s photo shoot with Dale to go so long, or that I would even be going at all.  Anyway, a story for another day, let’s get to the pictures!

Below you will find thumbnails of some of my favorites from my pin-up class with Dale Rio.  For my business card I want to have a picture on both sides, that means you may vote for 2 different pictures.  You can see the the larger (caution: very large) form of the picture by clicking on the small one.  My tag line is “The Kitsch Bitch of Brooklyn” so if that helps with your photo selecting, so be it. If you feel you want to explain your choices, feel free to leave something in the comments as to why you think a certain picture should get on my card.






Today I received my photo disk of Dale Rio’s photo from the shoot and wow, there are so many great ones.  I am pouring over them trying to figure out which ones to use for my business cards (maybe I’ll do a vote on this site), but here are two as sneak peeks of what is to come….

got a name, now what?

April 28, 2010

Last you read I had decided on my name.  So, what comes with a name and what needed to be done to choose that name?  First off I had to do an online search for Facebook, MySpace, the yahoo burlesque name database, and as a domain name by itself to see if it had been taken.  With some performers using MySpace and others Facebook, you can never tell where someone might be promoting themselves.  After checking and deciding, I added my name to the database, quickly opened a new Gmail account for Anja Keister, which then allowed me to make a Facebook page.  The domain name is not taken, so once I start doing shows and have more publicity pictures, that will be the next major internet challenge for me.

The next promotion task is to get business cards made.  Jezebel Express had recommended them as a great way of networking and also to have at shows and auditions to spread your name in the scene. Awhile ago I used vistaprint for promoting a co-op I’m a member of, so I will probably use them again. Aside from the ever so annoying almost daily emails touting their on sale products, vistaprint does do high quality printing of brochures, magnets, business cards, posters, etc.  If you can work thrifty, you can get a bunch of stuff for free and end up only paying for shipping.  Right now they are doing a sale with 500 premium business cards for free. 

bathroom photo shoot at 12:30 am

But what needs to go on the business card?  First off, this is the very visual burlesque world, so a photo is probably a good start!  I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot around 11:30pm Monday night so I would have pictures to put on the cards. Also, some nice photos for Facebook and other promotional use would be a good idea, so I curled my hair, did some makeup, put on my new vintage bathing suit, and did a self shot photo shoot in my bathroom.  It was definitely difficult to work the camera by myself, but fun at the same time to see the results. There are a few more which can be seen on the Facebook page.  I am starting to contact photographers to set up an actual photo shoot, but I want to wait till I have more costumes first to really makwe the shot worthwhile.

Other things to put on the business card would be contact info, like the email account, any information about the kind of performance I would be doing (comedy burlesque), and maybe a catchy phrase or tagline which I have seen several other performers have.  I’m going to wait till after friday when I can get more examples of business cards from  the other performers at the Coney Island show before I start layout.  I also plan to bring my camera and get some shots in full glam face and outfit!

For now, I return to sewing on sequins and dreaming about Friday…..

Will I see any of you there??