Dolores sips her tea

I recently got invited to perform with the NYC Pinup Club in their Harry Potter Tribute show: Hufflebuff.  For the show I did two different acts, a Snape act and a Dolores Umbridge act.  It was really fun to plan two acts in such a short amount of time and I really only had one day to buy all the supplies due to a hectic work week and another show I was in. (Pictures of the show will also come soon).

Though during the acts there were a lot of mishaps (note – it’s never a good idea to forget your contacts!). I still had a very fun time in the end and it seems the audience liked them and the photographers got some good shots. Here are some fun ones from the Dolores act! All photos here used with the permission of the photographer,

taking off the gloves!

the reveal!


I had joined the NY Pin-up Club on awhile ago as a way of trying to get involved with photo shoots and amass some promotional shots for networking. Little did I know it would lead to a burlesque gig!

A few weeks ago Luvely Ray posted on the message board looking for burlesque performers for her One Night Stand Burlesque show at Sapphire Lounge.  Always looking for more chances to perform, I emailed her and I got booked for the show! There were several different show ideas I have been working on, but due to the set up of the Sapphire Lounge I was able to narrow down an act with no props that I feverishly worked on choreography for and glued together a costume with the small amount of trim I had.

Backstage at One Night Stand burlesque: Carolyn Chiu, me, Busty Kitten and Misty Lux

Now, in retrospect, I wish I had more time to really work on having the act completely choreographed and completely put to memory, but I had a great time regardless.  Sapphire Lounge doesn’t have a stage, but rather you perform in the middle of the dance floor and there are two go-go boxes you can stand on.  Because of this, I spent much more time interacting with audience than focusing on the steps and movements.  Another thing that came up was that across from the entrance spot was a large mirror, so it was hard not to get caught up in watching one’s self while dancing.

Actual act aside, one of the best parts of the night was meeting all new performers.  Having spent a lot of my burlesque time within certain burlesque circles, it was exciting to not know anyone backstage.  And what performers they were, each varied and special in their own way.  Carolyn Chiu is primarily a pole dancer, but did a cute little strip tease that included sweeping up with a dust pan.  Busty Kitten did an avant-garde sort of piece to Snoop Dogg that included pulling a stuffed (pussy) cat out of her pants.  Misty Lux did some of her sideshow spiel in a cute little piece that included fans, putting a cigarette out on her tongue and laying/jumping on broken glass.  Luvely Rae even joined in on the fun and did a classy little number which she had never done before.

On the way back from performing I was stupid and got on the wrong line. It was too late till I realized my mistake and had the choice of going all the way down to Coney Island to catch a Q or getting out walking.  I decided to walk, so 1.5 miles later I arrived home, large suitcase in tow.  A good thing is that on the walk home I passed by Ital Shak, an all vegan Caribbean takeout place that has delicious patties.  Got to love a 24 hour vegan Caribbean fast food place!  By the time I got back I was exhausted, scarfed down my pattie, took a shower and headed for bed!