electric mess video shoot

September 3, 2010

I was going to post this yesterday but I fell asleep with the computer in my lap.  See people, you can tell I’ve been working hard!

Last weekend I did my first music video shoot over at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I previously wrote about how I got to be in this video, so I’ll just get right to business in regards to the video.

Photo by Lindsey Carter

I don’t want to reveal too much about the video, so that it will be a fun surprise when I get to post it later.

I will reveal a bit about the process and the fun I had.

For the video each of the girls was asked to play a girl in a 1960’s beauty pageant.  Each girl was involved asked to develop a persona and talent to match.  I did not get to make the planning session where a lot of this was done and developed so about a week before I met with the director Jeff Lewonczyk and we went over the idea of me playing a country hill billy farm girl.  Of course I was totally down with it since one of the talents I had offered was playing banjo (note: I cannot actually play one, but  can hold and strum, which is enough for a music video!). I got to use my own vintage bathing suit for the shot and this persona gave me the chance to go out and purchase the wonderfully ridiculous Dolly Parton-esque wig I’ve always wanted.

Filming started Saturday morning where I showed up around 9 to start hair and makeup.  I had heard that filming is often a lot of downtime, and it’s true, but it was interesting to see the band filming and get to stand behind the director of photography and see what the camera was recording.  The theater was super hot due to the small space and the huge amount of lights that were used.  The band was super fun and the lead singer, Chip and the other boys of The Electric Mess, was a doll to work with. We did most of the work on the first day and then the second day we finished up around noon. The other ladies we super fun and super nice.  I hope to get to work with some of these people again real soon!

Chip and the Ladies - Photo by Lex Friedman

The other great part of this shoot was that Foodswings was super close to the venue.  I love Foodswings but it is really difficult to get there because there aren’t many subways that run across Brooklyn.  When the temperature was hot and the theater was even hotter, being able to walk to Foodswings for a vegan creamsicle milk shake was fantastic beyond words.  When they ordered pizza as the lunch on set I was even allowed to go pick up a veg burger and get refunded.

When the video is finished I’ll get to go to a screening party and then I’ll make sure to post the video here for y’all to see. For now it is off to the City Winery for another night of stage managing!



August 24, 2010

I don’t want to come off as phony or a liar here, so let’s be honest, I haven’t updated in a long time and have sort of been a slacker. Now this does not mean that I have been lazy , in fact, I have been a very busy busy lady.  Here are some of the things I’ve done lately and will do soon:

World Famous *Bob* - photo by Jac Chandross

“Your Face for the World to See” – A makeup and wig crash course on how to unleash ones inner drag queen/sowgirl. This class was awesome and The World Famous *Bob* is super duper sweet and informative.  I took this class through the NY school of Burlesque and I’d highly suggest it to anyone!

Pinups for Pitbulls – I had mentioned this on facebook and this blog, but last weekend I went down to Philly to meet up with Dale Rio and two of my friends and their pitbull Wilma joined us to shoot photos for the 2011 calendar.  There are lots of rules about the submission photos, so unfortunately I cannot show you the results of this photo shoot, but they are amazing!

This past weekend was my sister’s wedding ceremony so I had to go back to Pennsylvania.  This also means I had a chance to stop by Underwired Boutique to buy a whole bunch of fun vintage goodies I’ll have to show in a later post.

This weekend I am in a music video for the band The Electric Mess! I found out about this gig via the NY Pinup Club on meetup.com.  This I am super excited about and will try to get some pictures this weekend to show the process of being in a music video.