night out on the town

September 18, 2010

photo by David Monroe

Last Friday I had a whole weekend of not performing, so I took it as a chance to pull out an old prom dress that I probably won’t be able to use for an act (too tight to get off in a graceful manner) and really doll myself up for a night.  I wore this schnazzy little number out to see the Rhinestone Follies at R Bar, an interesting modern bar and I guess night club (I’m not too much of a social butterfly, so I don’t know what differentiates a bar from a night club) that is the main house of operations for this troupe.

photo by David Monroe

The Rhinestone Follies are a classic burlesque trio that consists of Kita St. Cyr, Hazel Honeysuckle and Beelzebabe Agogo.  Their acts are fun and playful, but make me really desperate to find some kind of feather substitute so that I can make the elaborate showgirl costumes that Kita designs.

Another exciting part of the night was getting to see Jo “Boobs” Weldon, the Headmistress of the School of Burlesque, perform and chit chat with her before her act.  That lady has gusto and creativity that impresses me the more I interact with her!

I will be heading back to future Rhinestone Follies shows and hope to one day perform a classic burlesque number as part of their show.  I have been feverishly gluing rhinestones onto a corset (plastic boning) to get the costume part together for now.  I think I want to try my hand at making a feather free headdress.  If I succeed, I’ll make sure to post the pictures here!


Beelzebabe Agogo dances before the 2nd show at Drive Thru Burlesque 7/23/10

I need to make this a short post because it is late and I should really be in bed, but I couldn’t wait any longer!  I had been invited by Lefty Lucy and Sizzle Dizzle to help out in their new burlesque production, Drive Thru burlesque – a 3 part burlesque show that goes from 8pm till way late into the night at the Parkside Lounge.

doughnut from babycakes= pre show dinner? Looked better in the store but melted due to the ridiculous heat!

I had been invited to go-go and kitten, which i was excited about since it was my first go-go gig.  I had made two separate mixes to go-go to in case there was some extra time.  I also took an old burlesque costume and added so much more dangle and sparkle, it was ridiculous!

On the way to the Parkside Lounge I got to stop by Babycakes Bakery – an all vegan establishment that specializes in gluten free and some sugar free desserts.  I got a doughnut, which was delicious, though I was expecting a fried doughnut and this one was more cake-like in consistency.  Still I had little time to get from work and make the 7:00 call time, so this sufficed to keep my energy (and sugar levels) up during the show.

sweaty sweaty after show Anja. It's in the dark because the show was going on and I didn't want to distract with a flash.

Now, I had made these go-go mixes and was super excited to dance to them, but unfortunately time constraints made me have to shorten my go-go time.    Although I was sad, it was also nice because the sweltering heat wave hitting NY made for super sweaty go-go dancing.  Backstage I could literally ring the sweat out of my hair it was so ridiculous.  So I did my go-go, which went well except I slipped out of my shoes a few time from being so sweaty.  I made a fan in the audience who just thought I was the cat’s pajamas and kept praising me from her seat.  I also had a lot of fun.

After this I kittened for 4 performers: Philly Caramel, Franny Fluffer, Gemini Rising (who I Slipper Room debuted with), and Little Stormy doing a magic act with her husband, Magic max. The ladies were kind and friendly backstage and before I knew it, the first act was done.  I jumped up and danced until the next go-go lady, Beelzebabe agogo, was ready, and then I caught an act by Clams Casino and lefty Lucy before having to head and out meet friends.

It was a hot night outside, but inside it was even hotter.  No, really, I was sweating like no one business.  It was a great experience though and I can’t wait till my next chance at go-go dancing.