photo poll!

July 17, 2010

okay, first off, sorry I am late with this post.  I know I said thursday I would be posting this poll on friday, and it is now Saturday, but I also didn’t expect today’s photo shoot with Dale to go so long, or that I would even be going at all.  Anyway, a story for another day, let’s get to the pictures!

Below you will find thumbnails of some of my favorites from my pin-up class with Dale Rio.  For my business card I want to have a picture on both sides, that means you may vote for 2 different pictures.  You can see the the larger (caution: very large) form of the picture by clicking on the small one.  My tag line is “The Kitsch Bitch of Brooklyn” so if that helps with your photo selecting, so be it. If you feel you want to explain your choices, feel free to leave something in the comments as to why you think a certain picture should get on my card.






3 Responses to “photo poll!”

  1. Lisa said

    I loved voting! Thanks for letting us put our two cents in!

  2. I’m glad you voted! The more people who vote the more I can know what other people think. I’m surprised by the results so far, some of my favorites don’t even have votes yet! Thanks for looking them over.

  3. Tanya said

    i voted! i love all of them hard to choose!

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