Next D20 show flyer!

July 9, 2011

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile.  Having a job plus doing burlesque is making blogging a hard priority to put first.  But, in happier news, here is the flyer, featuring Luna Chase, for the next D20 Burlesque show!


posing with sexy S&M Vader after the show.

Last night i finally got to see an Epic Win performance, and man oh man was it awesome.  Since I am a nerd I of course got dressed up as a jedi to support my Star Wars vs. Star Trek.  It was truly epic.  I am a huge fan of themed burlesque so this was my cup of tea.

First we met up with some friends and got some Ethiopian food for dinner at Meskerem near 42nd street and then headed over to the show.

There was a slight mixup since I accidentally had bought my tickets for the wrong night, but everything worked out fine and we got in.

What can I say besides that it was awesome.  The show started with Nelson Lugo (Trek)  and Schaffer the Darklord (Wars) defending their side in the debate and then quickly went into a night of alternating themed burlesque  acts.  Some were funny (B. B. Heart, Lefty Lucy, Miss Mary Cyn, Bonnie Voy’age, Fem Appeal), some were more sexy (Rosey La Rouge), some were creative (Victoria Privates) and Magdalena Fox pulled out a stunning and beautiful Queen Amidala act that literally brought tears to my eyes. Dangrr Doll also had an amazing light up outfit as she portrayed ‘the force’ while stage kittening.

The Epic Win Burlesque: The Great Star Debate cast

The debate was settled by a selling of raffle tickets for the themed prize bags.  Luckily since Star Trek had won Friday night, the Star Wars team was really pushing it and offered cupcakes to anyone buying $5 worth of tickets.  Now, the normal cupcakes were tiny little buggers, but thankfully there was a vegan option if you bought $5 worth of tickets for the Star Wars bag, and those cupcakes were normal sized ones from Babycakes.  om nom nom!!

Star Wars ended up winning, there was celebration and pictures and then it was time to go home.  Sadly, but understandably, EW Burlesque will be taking a little break while Schaffer the Darklord goes on tour in the fall and Nelson Lugo works on some other projects.  But trust me, when they come back, I’m sure it wil lbe a show not to be missed!