Poster for the show.

Last Wednesday I headed over to Parkside Lounge for a highly anticipated burlesque show that was all over the internet and NYC magazines.  Planned and produced by Franny Fluffer, The Pink Room; Twin Peaks Burlesque was a burlesque showed themed around the ever so popular and ever so kooky David Lynch classic, Twin Peaks. With a line up of Grace Gotham, Gemini Rising, Tansy, Amelia Bareparts, Foxy Vermouth kittening and hosted by Bastard Keith, the show looked so promising, I spent the three days leading up to the show cramming up on Twin Peaks by having my own private marathon.

One of the things I realized while viewing Twin Peaks was the doughnuts. Oh my gosh, so many doughnuts! Lucy really knows how to hook up police team!  So when Franny posted on Facebook that they would be giving out doughnuts at the show, I know I’d have to make sure I could participate in the doughnut feasting.

Special Agent Cooper loves his coffee, I think Truman is in it for the doughnuts.

In order to do this, I made a quick pit stop at Atlas Cafe before heading to the bar for the show. Atlas is a smallish little restaurant that serves both veg and non-veg food, but is known for their wide range of vegan options including crepes, ice cream and desserts from Vegan Treats! Atlas Cafe also has a smaller little store that sells most of the sandwiches and desserts of the main store which is located conveniently closer to Union Square, a subway station that connects to stations near my apartment!

vegan doughnut NOM NOM NOM!

With my doughnut in tow I headed to the show. I got there about 20 minutes before go-go was supposed to start, but they weren’t even allowing people in yet. By the time the doors were about to open, the line for the show was out the door!

It was a strange, interesting and fascinating show.  I mean, what can one expect from a David Lynch inspired burlesque show.  Bastard Keith was hilarious, as always, Franny served us both beautifully haunting and comical in her two acts, Gemini was spot on as Aubrey and her act with Tansy was quite….exciting. Grace brought out her tea cup, the same one I helped her with when we did the Bravo taping, as well as a pie she did some naughty stuff with. My favorite for the night had to be Amelia Bareparts  whose Log Lady act was the character I had been looking forward to the most, and Amelia did not disappoint at all!

(not Amelia Bareparts)

Due to the popularity of the event, I am sure that Franny will be doing another David Lynch Burlesque show, and I highly suggest you attend and get there early to secure a seat towards the front so you can take in the brilliance of the performers!


This photo shows the archway leading into one of the main room. The performance was later held there.

Last week I received an email from the wonderful Grace Gotham asking if I could be her assistant for an act she needed help setting up. At the time I thought I has work, but luckily I found out the next day that I was scheduled to have Tuesday off so I excitedly emailed Grace back to say I could! She hadn’t found another helper at that point so it was all food.

At this point she shared more details. Ends up the event was a Marie Antoinette inspired tea party. Well, it was a charity event, or rather a Charitea event.  Hosted by Tracy Stern, the women behind SALONTEA, the event was a fundraiser for SFK (Success For Kids) which helps at risk youth by offering different kinds of positive and educational experiences.

Grace Gotham and Tracy Stern (in her amazing outfit) posing for the cameras post performance.

The event was going to be held at the The National Arts Club, which is a fancy older building organization that hosts art events, hosts talks, and has several galleries inside it’s walls.  The event was going to be taped for Bravo to be used for the upcoming Chris March Project.  (To prevent massive let down later, no Chris March ended up not being there) And finally, the event was a themed tea party, Marie Antionette style.

I decided that if I was going to be helping Grace Gotham out, I should make sure to dress the part so I pieced together an outfit and styled a wig and was all packed and ready for the next day’s festivities.

I arrived around 2pm and started to get ready in their large bathroom that had its own sort of parlor area to it, which ended up serving as a wonderful dressing room.  Grace arrived and I helped her set up her props and stage, and then worked with the event planners to have her ready at the desired time.  I ran the music, introduced Grace Gotham (“Humor’s Favorite Temptress!”) and then kittened up the clothes afterwards. It was a lot of work for a fairly short performance, but it was neat to be around so photographers and camera people from Bravo TV.

Grace Gotham and I fooling around and posing after the taping.

To help calm down before the performance, Grace and I hit up L’express, a restaurant and bar up the street from the venue, and so we excited to go back afterwards for a celebratory drink which ended up turning into dinner because we were chatting up a storm. Although the place is not vegan, I will give them credit for being a fancy place, that uses green practices, and is open 24 hours!

While I munched on some fries and grilled asparagus, and sipped a delicious apple ginger cocktail, we discussed the differences between the NY burlesque scene and others, the merits of comedy in burlesque, and how burlesque had effected our lives and romantic relationships. It was quite a delight to just sit and talk with another performer, and Grace is such a kind, charming lady, we just kept talking.  Eventually we finished our meals, and drinks, and had to head home because it was getting late.  We went back to the National Arts Club and picked up our wigs and burlesque gear from the coat check before parting ways for the night.

Overall a great experience and way more fun than a day of work!