May 8, 2011

I am writing this post from a hotel room in Waltham, Mass.  Why you may ask?

I was invited by the Royal Baritarian players to participate in a (pretend) interactive victorian bawdy house.  I can say, and this would not be a shock to most vegans, that the continental breakfast was pretty lackluster for me, as I really only had an option of dry cereal, toast, or bagel. I was able to save my left over veggie fajita from the night before and had a more filling breakfast this morning.  But that has nothing to do with steampunk….

Yesterday was I was Fraulein Anja Von Keister and got to perform “Deutschlesque,” a made up word we created for a burlesque act where I yell at the audience to help me take off my clothes with an angry, germanic accent.  The group also learned very quickly that a sleazy german accent is very addictive as most of the group has not started speaking with it.  We then got to go to steampunk ball where we learned ball room dancing.

Now is the time when we head back to the space for  second round of this. Today we’ll also get a chance to walk around and see then vendors, so if I find any amazing vegan friendly finds, I’ll update later!


2 Responses to “steampunk”

  1. Nobody has to explain why they are in Massachusetts, my favourite actor was born there, that seems like reason enough.

  2. PS Alas, your underwhelming breakfast was not a surprise, you would think somebody could have bought some fruit. But having to deal with these annoyances is nothing compared to the joy of being vegan.

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