D20 rpg video recap

April 7, 2011

Amazing video by Mister Khon!


2 Responses to “D20 rpg video recap”

  1. Would love to get more info on your potential Lovecraft show for my Lovecraft site. Can you shoot me an e-mail with any details or even thoughts about what it might be like. Maybe I can get public opinion to help sway you to do it (;,;)

    • Definitely! The H.P. Lovecraft show is going to be on May 27th, at 11:30pm at the Parkside Lounge (317 E. Houston street @ Attorney, Manhattan, NY).

      So far I have the following performers booked:
      Hazel Honeysuckle
      Iris Explosion
      Victoria Privates
      Dangrrr Doll
      The Flying Fox
      Anja Keister (myself)
      and hosted by Bastard Keith.

      The show is based on the Lovecraft Mythos, with some performers basing acts off specific works, general ideas, or Lovecraft’s writing style. The show will be happening, but if you could help spread the world, it would be greatly appreciated! Maybe an interview or a recap of the show?

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