my birthday egg

January 30, 2011

My birthday egg from Nasty Canasta!

Normally, getting an egg for one’s birthday is not the most exciting thing for a vegan, but this egg was a bit different.

Awhile ago I had performed at a reading for Caper Literary Journal and Fiction Circus. It was very exciting when I got contacted by them again to perform at another one of their readings, on my birthday! I had been trying to find a burlesque show to go to on my birthday, and instead I got booked for one.  I was asked to perform any literary acts I had, which meant I got to perform my Dolores Umbridge act again which was even more exciting. And the other burlesque performer for the night, none other than Nasty Canasta – one of my favorite performers!

Upon arriving at the Happy Ending Lounge through the slush or a recent snow storm, I began to unpack for my two acts (that’s right, I got to do 2 acts!) when Nasty came up to me with an egg.  A pink rock egg.  She explained that eggs are supposed to be good luck but I was just humbled to have received a birthday gift from someone I look up to so much.

performing my "History Repeating" act

Advice to any performer out there, perform on your birthday! Well, especially if you get to collect tips.

After quite a successful show, I got bundled back up and left with my friends who had come to see the show and walked to Kate’s Joint for a late night dinner. After show dinner can be so fulfilling, especially if you didn’t get to eat before the performance.  That plus the combination of walking in freezing temperatures to get there made the deliciousness of my meal seem magnified. This walk really only took around 20 minutes, but due to the cold, it felt like forever!

for the record, I did not take this picture, but it is quite a good example of how good these wings look!

At Kate’s Joint of course we started with tofu wings, which are one of my favorite vegan chicken wing substitutes out there.  For the record, it is just tofu inside, so they don’t have a wing consistency, but the sauce and grease factor are spot on!  After this I had the Southern Fried Unsteak, which a friend next to me also got because it sounded so good neither of us was willing to switch to something different.  After getting a free slice of coconut cream cake on the house from our waitress due to it being my birthday, so bundled back up and walked around to end the evening walking to bars before heading home.

All in all, this was definitely a birthday celebration to remember!


3 Responses to “my birthday egg”

  1. Happy birthday! I love your blog – so inspiring to a wannabe vegan like myself who can’t give up fish, cheese, and feathers (in that order!) 🙂

  2. Sorry I missed your birthday. Why does it not surprise me that you’re an Aquarian?

    @ Annie: I am a fan of vegan “cheese”, although some people would say that is my palate is not sufficiently discerning. Have you tried humous on pasta and cauliflower?

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