tanya’s amazing wares

January 22, 2011

The last post talked about a wonderful etsy shop and this one will too.  A couple of years ago I reconnected with a friend from high school named Tanya.  She was also so fashion funky in high school and I regret not hanging out with her more because the last is pretty awesome (I mean, she has John Waters inspired wedding!).

Well, Tanya has two etsy shops I want to bring attention to.  One is a vintage store where she finds delicious retro finds at her local Baltimore flea markets and thrifts stores and then shares them with the world. You can find her Cosmic Things store here.  Not burlesque costumes per se, but definitely great finds to wear off stage.

Her other etsy store is a bit craftier, and I love crafting, so of course I dig this stuff.  Now, vegan beware, some of her stuff may not be vegan, but feel free to ask.  In fact, Tanya is really good with accommodating requests, case in point my Wanda necklace. After seeing all her wonderful necklaces, I asked about getting one with Wanda from the John Waters’ movie Cry Baby on it.  As John Waters’ fans have to be there for each other, she churned one out so I promptly snatched it up.  It seems she is making rings as well now, so find your inspiration and wear them proudly while also supporting a girl trying to do what she loves.  Also, you can find Tanya’s website, where she goes by the alias Atomic Betty (which she has had since high school and is in tribute to a certain Ms. Page) and although she hasn’t updated in a while, maybe this will be the friendly nudge to get her going again. I don’t know Tanya, what do you think?

Here I am sporting my necklace out on the town at the Big City Grind burlesque show!

If you are interested in buy one yourself she made another one, so check out the link and get one.  Who doesn’t wants Traci Lords around their neck, I mean, c’mon!?!


One Response to “tanya’s amazing wares”

  1. tanya said

    Wow! Thank u so Much!

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