dinner meet up

January 6, 2011

Tonight I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Bettina May (you can read my interview with her here) for vegan dinner and desserts! I’ve admired Bettina May for awhile and actually interviewed her before even meeting her.  Something people not realize is how small the burlesque world is in NY, so it’s not uncommon to run into the same people over and over.  Well, with my partner being out of town, and Bettina May consistently posting about how amazing the vegan baked good are at Champs, we decided it was finally time for me to try the place out.

We met up at Foodswings, a place I’ve talked about before, where I feasted on chicken parm while she got a wing with mac n’ cheese, all vegan of course.  We shared great talk on all kinds of issues which was great to speak with someone who also deals with staying vegan in a very non-vegan profession.  After finishing our dinners we walked the short walk (well, as Bettina pointed out – even short walks seem long in this chilly weather)  to Champs.

I am a huge fan of all vegan bakeries.  There is nothing I find as sad as going into a place that sells baked goods and not finding anything vegan.  vegan baking can be so simple, but I don’t have the time to do it all the time.  Going to an all vegan restaurant then becomes a dream come true.

Champ is an adorable shop located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that doesn’t give off the typical ‘vegan’ vibe. It looks neither like a hippie head shop, a punk venue or fancy modern pastry place.  Champs bills itself as a family bakery, and that is how they seem. The store is a bit retro, but not in a planned sort of way  but rather it just happens to occupy an older space with an old feel to the decor.

The staff was super polite and nice and even let Bettina May hang up posters for her upcoming pin-up classes.  And the baked goods? Delicious.  I got a pumpkin cheesecake muffin and a mixed berry scone which I’ll have for breakfast tomorrow.  Bettina May got a vanilla roll coated in chocolate and some cookies to go.

Bettina May models her chocolate dipped vanilla roll.

It is great to have a friend like Bettina here in New York who I can commiserate and dish with about vegan issues and share tips and advice on vegan costume making.  If you get a chance, see this girl and then buy her a (vegan) drink after the show. She is hard working, and isn’t even fully a green card tax b back wasn’t too long, but  carrying


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