omg, pinups for pitbulls!

January 3, 2011

Wow, I really slipped and missed that I was allowed to post my Pinups for Pit bulls photo shoot results. Unfortunately I didn’t make it into the calendar, but this organization is doing great things working to promote pro-pit bull awareness and their calendar is awesome to boot!  You can order the calendar here for $20 (plus shipping and handling) where the proceeds go to help the group and their work.  Also, you can now check out the photos from the shoot with Dale Rio and Wilma, a now adopted pit bull rescue that was fostered by my friends Karen and Dan!


5 Responses to “omg, pinups for pitbulls!”

  1. Vanilla Rose said

    I can’t believe they left you out, but it is fantastic that they had so many pin-ups that they were able to leave anybody out.

  2. Thanks, we wished we could have included everybody! We loved this submission and we hope that Wilma got some good exposure from it! Submission open up again in early spring 😉 xoxo

  3. I liked the “bearded lady” motif, not that the fake beard exactly suited you, but it did make a witty contrast with the more glamorous pictures.

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