an early present to myself

December 10, 2010

Well, it is December so that means one thing if you live in the US, Christmas stuff is everywhere.  New York is especially strong with the holiday cheer pouring out of every store.  Traditionally this is a time of gift giving so I had been compiling my Anja X-mas list (glittery wings, wigs, stripper heels, etc).  Now, there had been something I hadn’t put on my list because I wasn’t aware it was out again, but when I saw it in the store I didn’t want to risk it selling out again, so I snatched one up early.

yes, those are rhinestoned antlers I'm wearing!

That’s right folks, the Urban Decay Vegan Pallet is back!

Urban Decay, a company that doesn’t do animal testing and is really upfront about which of their products are vegan, had come out with an all vegan eyeshadow pallet earlier this year, but it sold out so quickly, I couldn’t get one.  I feared that it would never come back, hence my fear of waiting for someone to get me it as a present!

I have been very pleased with Urban Decay in the past and since there are many Sephora stores throughout New York, I can typically find any Urban Decay item I am looking for, well when it isn’t sold out! Now according to the website, the eye shadow primer potion attached is not vegan, and they are looking to fix that. Otherwise, this pallet is hella sweet. Click here if you want to buy the specific pallet or Click here to look at all of Urban Decay’s vegan items. I’ll have to do a makeup review at a later date when it isn’t so late!

check it out!



2 Responses to “an early present to myself”

  1. Tanya said

    those antlers are so cute!

  2. Vanilla Rose said

    In the UK, we are fortunate enough to have Lush (toiletries) and their off-shoot B (colour cosmetics). The founders have just been awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire). Yes, it is a slightly outdated term, but it does show a genuine recognition of their work by someone.

    I think about three quarters of their stuff is vegan, and not only is none of it tested on animals, they don’t use suppliers that test on animals either. They have also supported a lot of different causes and charities.

    I’ll just post this and then go there and click on a couple of their links.

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