running russell simmons

December 8, 2010

one bad ass tattoo

So, why am I posting this.  Well, if you remember from my previous post about the vegan fashion night, Russell Simmons is a vegan activist. So, the burlesque connection? Well, on a recent episode, Russell’s assistant, Simone Reyes performed in a burlesque show! You can Watch the Episode here (the burlesque part starts at 37:25) and if you are a member of the NY burlesque scene I’m sure you’ll recognize some familiar faces. Simone Reyes is actually a pretty impressive person.  I met her at the fashion party and she was super nice and approachable.  She is also a big animal rights activist and has dreams of one day running an animal sanctuary.

During the episode Simone Reyes decides to challenge herself and try new things which includes “taking of my clothes in front of a bunch of strangers.”  And you know what, I don’t even have much angst about it because she mentions that “if you don’t go down to pasties, it’s not burlesque!”  Obviously, this vegan did some studying before her debut!


4 Responses to “running russell simmons”

  1. I adore this site, but I am going to have to disagree here. IMHO, it can be burlesque without going down to pasties. I feel that if the spirit of burlesque is there, the precise degree of undressing is very much an individual choice. I admire women who make the choice to strip down to pasties or full nudity, but also admire actresses who have the guts to stand up to a director and say, “I didn’t sign up for nudity and I don’t want to do it and so I am not doing it”.

    I realise this puts me in the odd position of admiring Andie MacDowell, despite my dislike of her ads and my loathing for L’Oreal.

    • Well, I guess if you want to be a stickler, not all burlesque performers go down to pasties, but it is pretty much expected that in neo-burlesque, the performer will go down to pasties, a net bra with pastie like placement sewn onto it, or implied nudity.
      I can also respect an actor who doesn’t want to do nude scenes, but for the most part, if you want to do burlesque, one is open to going down to pasties. Actors are different because they aren’t burlesque performers while performing, they are burlesque performers while performing.

      Pasties are incredibly intertwined in the history of burlesque and, I mean, if there aren’t pasties, there probably wouldn’t be tassel twirling, which in my option, is one of the best parts of burlesque!

  2. I like the thought of pasties on a net bra. I think that would personally be my limit, but if other people are comfortable taking off more, great!

  3. I suppose one reason I think about actors/actresses is because sometimes people go on about how it is okay for an actress to take her clothes off in a film or on stage, but that’s different from deliberately stripping like burlesque performers or (gasp) strippers! Yes, because every time Dame Helen Mirren has taken her clothes off, it has been absolutely essential to the plot to establish that she is a woman! Not a man. Otherwise, we could have been confused.

    Nudity was important to the plots in films like “Boys Don’t Cry” or “The Crying Game”, but I don’t recall Dame Helen’s nudity having a similar place in the plot …

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