everybody loves liberty curls (edit: victory rolls?)

December 5, 2010

Last week my partner and I had some friends over for an after-thanksgiving day veg dinner (tofurkey AND field roast!).  I got gussied up in retro housewife fasion, and some of the guests were so enamored by my hair, I got to do 4 more curls that night!

I’m feeling more and more confident in my abilities to do pin-up hair.  My liberty curls are getting better and I almost have my pin curls mastered.  Here’s hoping I get a copy of this book for the holidays so I can learn even more tricks and tips!


edit: ends up they are called victory rolls. oops


2 Responses to “everybody loves liberty curls (edit: victory rolls?)”

  1. Nicolette Tesla said

    Liberty curls? Interesting! I’ve always heard them called victory rolls. Looking fab!

  2. may maas said

    I really like your blog–i’ve never been able to master Victory rolls/liberty curls myself. yours look great!
    I’m a burlesque groupie–i just organized a Trevor Project Benefit and had the joy of encorporating Sizzle Dizzle and Legs Malone into the line-up. they stole the show!
    I thought i’d reach out because i own a vegan beauty/wellness/health company and i’d love to meet up with you to let you try our vegan fares–our make up is stage/dancing ready and our skincare will leave you glowing…and it is all 100% vegan. Im really proud of what we are doing and where we stand politically.

    I’m based in NYC. email me at maylane@gmail.com, if you’d like to get together 😉

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