karaoke burlesque

October 29, 2010

On Monday I had the pleasure of performing at Karaoke Burlesque near Times Square.  Organized by Kita St Cyr (of the Rhinestone Follies) and hosted by Juliet Jeske, the show consists of 2 acts. The first act is Juliet singing songs selected by the performers while they perform strip tease to it.  The second act is members of the audience selecting songs and the same performers from before improvise a routine to it.  The whole idea is really fun and gives an audience a chance to see performers make up a whole act on the spot, not something that is commonly seen in the burlesque world.

On the day of my performance I arrived with my large suitcase, 2 numbers means 2 or more outfit selections, and went down to the super chic basement lounge where we’d be performing.  Around this time we found out the karaoke machines weren’t working. We decided to go on. Then we found out some of the stage lights weren’t working, we decided to go on.  The whole night became an experience in playing it on the fly and going with what you have.  In the end I had a blast and I think the audience did as well. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of my act, but an improved version will be seen on November 21st when I do Kitty Nights on Bar A. Trust me, it is ridiculous and you don’t want to miss this one.

For the vegans out there, I would also like to make mention that the venue, Pulse Karaoke, serves food, some of which might be vegan.  I haven’t checked with the cooks or anything, but it looks like the following have potential: popcorn basket ($9), Pommes Frites -just ask for ketchup instead of the chipolte mayo ($7), pita plate with hummus and olive tapenade ($9), vegetable spring rolls with sweet and spicy thai sauce ($9). If anyone does go and find out if these are officially veg friendly let me know! If I find out first, I’ll post it here.


2 Responses to “karaoke burlesque”

  1. Kita said

    You were such a trooper, lady! And your act was awesome!

  2. it was so fun Kita, I’d love to try it again, this time with words!

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