a very vegan weekend!

October 28, 2010

Hello ladies, gents and all those in between.  It has been quite a hectic past few days for me, so my apologies for the lack of action going on here.  Two of the big things that occupied my weekend evolved around veganism, so my apologies to those readers who are just here for the burlesque.

On Saturday, my partner and I got treated to an amazing dinner at 4 Course Vegan, a very cool dining experience where you and other RVSPers meet at the house of Chef Matteo who then prepares a 4 course (well, you also get a small bonus thing) dinner.  Here is how the site explains it:

Grilled Portobello Tortilla Salad with Jerusalem Artichoke and Adobo Sauce

Building community outside of the dinners, Chef Matteo supports the local and sustainable farmers of the NYC Green Market at Union Square. A special rapport develops between farmer and chef, a mutually respectful relationship from land to kitchen and everything in between. It is extraordinary to know where and by whom your food is grown.

At the table it all unfolds. People meet and talk to each other for the first time over carefully prepared and executed cuisine. Since many of the guests are not vegetarian, awareness of an enjoyable meal without the suffering of animals grows within them. This is a casual form of educating the public through a pleasant dining experience. Unobtrusive and effective.

The whole experience was super neat and I can’t wait to go again.  Fair warning, this is a gourmet situation, so the dinner price is much more than you would find at a normal NY restaurant.  I will tell you though, that I usually dislike mushrooms, and this guy had me scarfing them down!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to get to volunteer and participate in the Farm Sanctuary Walk for Farm Animals.  I have a huge love for the organization that is the largest farm animal sanctuaries in America.  There are two of them, one in Watkins Glenn NY and another out in Orland, CA.  For time, and space sakes, I’ll suggest you check out their site FarmSanctuary.org for more info.  My partner and I are currently adopting (sponsoring) three lovely rescued animals from them and will probably sponsor an additional turkey for the Thanksgiving season.

Working the Merch at the Walk for Farm Animals.

I got to work at the merchandise table, which although tempting to want to buy everything, was a great way to socialize and meet lots of people and educate them on the cause while raising money to help FS feed, provide shelter, and keep the rescued animals healthy with vet care and checkups.  I personally raised over $300 this year for the walk, and can’t wait for next years or my next visit up to the Sanctuary in the spring.


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