October 3, 2010

I found them for sale! I found non-feather boas.  Now, they aren’t fake feathers, but they are what I would imagine is the best, most professional alternative.

Tonight at the 3rd night of the NY Burlesque Fest (I’ll do a whole post about that later) I eyed something from one of the vendors and I knew I had to investigate.  The Drag Addict table had a lot of wonderful stuff but the most important in my mind were their polyester boas.

photo off Drag Addicts facebook page

These boas are large and extravagant, and they give quite an effect. Now, they are pretty costly, but I’ve held one and they are worth it. Le on their website here.


7 Responses to “boas!”

  1. Tanya said

    first of all that picture is kind of hilarious…second of all, you need one of these!

  2. yes, that picture is completely hilarious. Sigh, I want one so bad but can’t afford it at the moment. Maybe the boa fairies will come and deliver it if I put glitter under my pillow?

  3. Honey, when I saw those boas at the Friday night show, I thought of you!

    I wanted one so bad, but a boa doesn’t fall in my performance style right now.

  4. They were so voluminous, I feel you might get lost in one! I need to have one eventually, I just don’t know when I’ll be able to come to terms with spending that much for a boa I might only use a few times.

  5. I am having a little difficulty with the pop-ups and the site and this computer. Would it be rude to ask the price of the boas? Any currency will do, I can find a coversion thing on the internet easily enough!

    • According to that photo they are $75 USD. You can probably just email the guy that runs the store and find out shipping outside of the US. They are really great and I am so jealous.

  6. Thanks. I should probably start saving up now!

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