another photo shoot with dale rio!

August 12, 2010

A few weeks ago I did a short photo shoot with Dale Rio, who was the wonderful lady behind my last set of pin-up shots.   This time I got to include a certain prop I wanted to do last time, a vegan cupcake.  Now, originally I wanted to bake my own, but ran out of time.  Then I wanted to try and buy some from the ever so wonderful baker Danielle Konya of Vegan Treats but I wasn’t able to stop by any of the many locations she sells to in NY before the shoot. (Interesting side fact, I grew up and went to the same high school as Danielle, but we were too many years apart to know each other.)  In the end I ended up having to buy a vegan cupcake from Whole Foods.  It was no vegan treats cupcake, but it sufficed.

If you remember from my last post about photo shoots, the room gets really hot.  Between the cramped space, lack of air conditioning and the heat from all the photo spotlights it is enough to melt the lipsticks in the tube and…..the icing on my cupcake.  I was able to still work with it, but it was really runny.  This was fine, because my main plan was to get a few playful ones and then just shove the rest of it in my mouth.  It was basically the best photo series ever!

Dale was pretty impressed with my ability to really cram it in, though i will say the combo of melted icing and somewhat dry cake, it was a battle.  I still got some pretty amazing shots out of the deal, so I can’t really complain.

After this shoot, Dale and I headed over to Food Swings again and even though Ihad just wolfed down a sizable vegan cupcake, I still had room for vegan fast food!

Now that Dale has moved her studio to Philadelphia, I am sad that I don’t have a kick ass vegan photographer so close, but it seems her new studio is doing well and is even having a retro finishing school class this weekend with a class on vintage hairstyling by Bettina May, who you may remember from the interview I did with her in June!

I will be heading down to Philly this weekend  for a shoot though.  This will be posted about after the fact though, so for now I leave you drooling over these pictures of me and my cupcake!


2 Responses to “another photo shoot with dale rio!”

  1. Tanya said

    i love this photos and that is one hot bra!

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