the burlesque movie

August 7, 2010

hmmmmmm, is this for real?

Okay, if you are in the world of burlesque, you have probably heard a lot about the movie Burlesque featuring Cher and Xtina. Now, when i first heard about it, all I did was groan and complain. Then I found out Stanley Tucci and Alan Cumming are in it, so I groaned and complained less. Now that I am actually a performer and such I am looking at it with less animosity and more the kind of annoyance similar to the girl in high school who would try so hard to be cool by having all the cool expensive clothes and would cover themselves in makeup and perfume to hide what they truly were.  It is trying to impress you.  It’s a lot of show.  It lacks character.  It lacks the actual authenticity that would make you want to be around it and enjoy it.

The trailer was leaked recently (oh, not on purpose I’m sure- wink wink)but for some reason I can’t get the trailer uploaded on this site.  It is being yanked by the studio all over the web, but the burlesque scene has already pounced on it, and for now, movieweb still has it on it’s site: Burlesque (movie) Trailer

Give it a look and let me know what you think.  I’ll give my prospective post about it at a later time, for now it is time for my to go get a delicious vegan breakfast at Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch and then a manicure before vintage shopping. Later y’all!


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