high before homeroom & burlesque in a thrift store

August 2, 2010

My previous post featured a poster for a book release party I was performing at, which occurred this past Friday.  Now anybody out there who has ever done any kind of performance has probably heard their teacher(s) warn you about ‘that show where something is going to go wrong’ and that you should always learn to be prepared for it.  Well, this book signing performance  was my first show where I really had things go wrong on a massive scale.  And by massive, here is the list of things that went wrong:

Smiling through the tough times with Kat Mandu

  • forgot my wallet
  • forgot eye lash glue
  • bottle of ‘dayquil’ spilled all over my suitcase and performance costumes
  • forgot fabric tape to adhere pasties
  • forgot pasties for my second act (remedied with electrical tape X’s)
  • forgot my wolf snout – a crucial part of my first costume
  • Name was mispronounced  during my introduction
  • music was mixed up and had to be switched
  • stage was too short to center a chair on the stage so I had to do my 1st act sort of sideways
  • couldn’t get my second glove on in time
  • ears fell off at the end of my 1st act
  • foot slipped out of my heel during the second act and I had to wobble through to the end
  • couldn’t get my sequin skirt untied (had to slide it off)

Luckily I had the ever so wonderful Kat Mandu as the other performer who helped cheer me on and let me borrow her eyelash glue to adhere both my lashes and pasties for my first act.  I was also lucky to have my partner who ran out and bought me some tape so I wouldn’t have to improvise a reveal in my second act.

The whole show experience was strange purely for the fact that it wasn’t a typical burlesque crowd.  They didn’t know when to hoot n’ holler, which was actually an interesting experience because it made me realize spots in my act that need improvement.  The place also had a place for Kat and I to change, which was a dressing room for the vintage store.  This meant it was really small. Small for the average person – not two performers and their suitcases! We made it work though, and I had a great time despite all the mishaps.


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