hair today, gone tomorrow

June 16, 2010

One day, a month or two ago I was walking out of the Body Shop when i was approached by a man trying to sell discounted spa passes to a new salon that opened up.  The guy was talking about how great a deal it was, how much money one would save by paying so little for a haircut, waxing, skin analysis plus more and how :

“I mean, $60 for the whole thing, that’s how much most people would pay for one haircut! How much did you pay for your last haircut?”

“Me?  Nothing. I cut my own hair.”

At this point the guy looked kind of surprised and dejected so he looked at me and said “well, okay, I am allowed to sell only a few of these at a reduced cost, and since you usually don’t pay anything for haircuts, how does $20 sound?

He told me that the salon used Aveeda products (almost an entirely vegan product line) so i agreed to buy the spa package, even though it might have still been a set up, to pamper myself.

I procrastinated a bit, possibly out of fear of cutting off my hair, but eventually made an appointment and had my first of 2 visits. Getting there for my 10:00 appointment and I alerted my hairdreser that I would need to use aveeeda products due to be vegan.  Ends up they are phasing out Aveeda at the salon, but I did get to check the products hey did use to check if they were vegan.

Although I originally wanted something more edgy, I settled for a simple bob.  I figured it is a style that is nice for staying cool the summer but also has a different ways to style it and can be made to look pin us-like.

During the hair cutting part, I discussed vegan with the hairdresser.  Although she is not a vegan, we discussed the  cognitive dissonance people have and while I talked about the sad stuff that goes on at dairy farms   she politely asked “I know I should know about this, but can we change the subject, it’s too sad?” Although we did change it, I was touched by the fact that she was able to see inconsistencies and ridiculous distinction people draw between livesstock and the family companion animals/pets!

3 Responses to “hair today, gone tomorrow”

  1. Tanya said

    can’t wait to see your short hair! i cut my own hair too..

  2. Tallest Roommate said

    Did you donate your hair? I hope so!

    • it is sitting on my book shelf. I am currently at a stand still to where it should get donated: locks for love or to the oil spill. The oil spill is more pressing, but any hair can be donated (like scraps from salons) and I specifically grew over 12 inches, so I feel it should maybe go for the wig donation.

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