end of the 4 week series

May 23, 2010

group shot at our last class

Today was my last class in the 4 week Classic Moves/Essentials of Burlesque class through the New York School of Burlesque. This final class focused on chair dancing, stocking removal and glove removal.  I don’t know if it was the class topics, my own skills becoming polished or the fact that I had debuted just this past Friday and felt more confident, but the class seemed extra fun this week and I felt like I was on fire!

We learned an easy to follow chair dance routine which made me realize how simple it would be to do a whole chair dance for a song.  Man, I tell you with all the booty shaking, squats, kicks, leg lifts and slow dance moves, my thighs have never been more sore in my life!  The part on gloves and stockings seemed to whiz right by and before I knew it, the class had come to an end.  Jo was so nice and sweet saying she was sad to see the class go.  I asked to take a class picture and then everybody started to leave. Although I doubt I will see some of those ladies again, it was a great experience and I learned some great basic moves and what I feel I excel at or may not want to include as part of my burlesque repertoire.

After the Essentials class was Jezebel’s choreography class which I am such a big fan of.  This week we did a lot of fun activities which were to give us insight into our natural burlesque inclinations when it comes to our own moves.  The different activities included strutting to a variety of music styles, a posing game, and learning simple grinds to get us from pose to pose.  During the posing game, Jezebel watched us and then told us any overall moves/poses we gravitate towards. Ends up I really like to move and pop out my booty.  Very appropriate for Anja Keister, don’t ya think?

Sadly I will be in Pennsylvania the next two weekends, so I won’t have any burlesque classes to attend.  I’ll actually only be missing only one class though. The weekend of June 4-6th is the Miss Exotic World weekend in Las Vegas, and since most of the NY school of Burlesque teachers are there and participating, the school is pretty much shut down for the weekend.  I think I’ll use these weekends to relax and focus on coming up and solidifying new routine ideas (although while I am in Philly for the one weekend, I might try to go catch the Peek-A-Boo Revue or some other philly burlesque).


5 Responses to “end of the 4 week series”

  1. hi Anja!! just stumbled on your blog-oroni. nice job the other night! so i read you are in Philly the next two weekends? i’m actually performing this saturday may 29th at Wine-O on Poplar street with Brassy!! it’s my friend Lil Steph’s burlesque show called “Bravissimo” – its a monthly show. http://lilsteph.com/

    come see it if you are free!

    • Hey Calamity! Thank you for the kind words. I am so excited to perform again, any suggestions of places to check out and ask?

      I had actually found your performance while searching for burlesque shows in Philly, but sadly I will only be in the city of brotherly love during the weekend of Exotic World, so I don’t know if there will be any burlesque going on in the city. Thanks for the invite though. I definitely want to check out the Nurse Bettie performances sometime soon!

  2. Hey Anja, you should check out Fem Appeal’s Kitty Nights at Bar on A in East Village on Sunday nights. I would advice kittening as much as you can to meet other producers, performers, and seeing as many acts as you can. That’s the best way to get more involved!

  3. […] instructions on the NYSoB routine and fan dance techniques, but that is only because I took the 4-week essentials burlesque class where I was taught these techniques and moves in person, so reading them, although a good reminder, […]

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