time for a sewing party!

May 11, 2010

On Saturday Cheeky Lane and I headed to China town to find me fans.  Yesterday I shopped the garment district for fabric, bases and trim.  Here is what these trips resulted in:

purchases from the garment distract and china town

Almost all of these items has some plan behind the purchase.  Now whether or not these intended plans will actually happen is a different story.

The fans are for the non-feather fans I need to make for next week’s Burlesque essentials class.  I’m not sure what fabric would work for it, but I bought a few just in case.

That big pile of brown fake fur will be going towards a specific costume idea. Still to be determined if it will have any kind of trim or not.  Also, I need to sew a corset (no boning) which will be quite a challenge.

oh my, stars are a pain to sew on!

Because of these momentous purchases and tasks, I’ve decided on Saturday I will actually pull out my sewing machine and get to work on starting to put together costumes.  Now, it may seem like a lot of work, but it can’t be too much compared to the pain in the butt my star bra was.  You may remember me talking about this bra from a previous entry.  Well, I have finished the stars, which were quite a task that I worked on while on the train, at home and on breaks during my job.  Not sure if I will add any fringe to it or not.  I guess we will see what the weekend has in store!


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