May 9, 2010

Today in the 4 week burlesque essentials class  we practiced isolation dance moves and how to strip out of various clothing items.   For this class, I volunteered to bring in my corset.  What is that? I have a corset?  Why indeed I do!

This corset was purchased at the Jim Thorpe Burlesque festival from the lovely ladies of Dragontown Corsets.  I was lucky enough to snag this beautiful corset right off one of the manequins at the company’s stand.  This was my first corset and I love it.  The craftsmanship is fantastic and the fabric, taffeta with embroidary and sequins details, works very well with my coloring (or at least Gal Friday said so in class today).

While Dragontown Corsets is not specifically vegan due to selling corsets made with silk and leather, the vast majority of their products are vegan friendly and the options for detailing such as all kinds of lace (including spiders and skulls) as well as crystals, sequins, and all kinds of zany fabric patterns.  If you are considering buying a corset, I would highly recommend this company for a good financial investment!

In the class today, I learned how to lace up my own corset and then how to get out of it.  I struggled slightly with both, which make me reconsider the idea of wearing one in a performance, though I do think it would be fine for stage kittening.  Gal Friday, who was our teacher today, gave me all kinds of maintenence suggestions for how to keep my corset strong.  For example, corsets should be draped over a hangers and hung up when not in use.  I also learned that the corset will shape to the owenr’s body so it is very important not to let someone borrow your corset.

Before coming home, I knew I wanted to post about this information as soon as class was over, so when I came home I ate a small snack to tie me over, got all glam, and laced myself into the getup to show some pictures of my sweet corset. Now it is late and I have  work tomorrow (ugh, 5:25am wake up)  so I will leave this post short.  I highly suggest you check out facebook to learn  more about the company and how you could attain your own corset.


One Response to “corsets”

  1. You look MARVELOUS! That corset definitely found its intended owner. Thanks for showing Dragontown Corsets some love! xoxo

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