midnight follies spring spectacular

May 8, 2010

I’ve been trying to see as many different burlesque shows as my schedule allows, and last night was a fantastic new experience that I hope will continue.  The Loungerati blog got the skinny on this event in early April and had a pretty good description I am going to copy so I don’t forget anything:

One of the gorgeous rooms at the Players Club.

The Players Club, the Slipper Room, and band leader JC Hopkins collaborate to throw the first gala of the spring called Midnight Follies on May 7th. There will be dancing, there will jazz, there will be free mint juleps from 8-9pm! This event will have a mid-century theme so think “The Apartment” or “Mad Men”  when picking out your pocket square and cocktail dress.

The cabaret atmosphere reaches crescendo as some of the best burlesque dancers in NYC step on to the stage to delight and entice: winner of the 2009 Golden Pastie Award for “Most Sensual Performer in Burlesque” Peekaboo Pointe, Miss Coney Island Ekaterina, and, in band breaks, 1920s tap sensation The Minsky Sisters.

The entire evening is presented by Midnight Follies and hosted by James Habacker, illustrious owner of downtown’s The Slipper Room and with Kiki Valentine, actress and producer of The Sunday Show. Valentine explains, “The Players has an incredible history and energy…to open the doors to the public and create a happening like this seems to wake the spirits of Frank Sinatra and Sarah Bernhardt. It’s like they’re giving us their blessing. Plus, they always loved a good party.”

The Minsky Sisters do a tap and fan routine.

The even also included live jazz, big band music, swing dancing, comedians and a large bar set in this beautiful mansion in lower Manhattan.  There was also a photographer there, Steven Rosen, who was taken pictures of partygoers for $20 (plus $10 per additional person).  I really liked his style so my partner and  got our picture taken. In order to see the kind of photos he was taking there, look under the ‘portraits’ tab. When we get the hand painted prints back I’ll definitely post them for you guys to see. (They are digital shots – so bonus vegan points there!). In the meantime, here is a picture my partner took for me last night.

lounging on the couch

The Burlesque acts were fun and fit the old timey theme very well. It was exciting to see Pointe because I know she is a highly esteemed performer. Ekaterina did a great mix of burlesque, gymnastics and contortionist moves.  Both Peekaboo Pointe and Ekaterina did their acts to live music played by the band, which was very exciting to witness the absolute live factor of the acts. The  Minsky Sisters act I saw didn’t actually include any clothing removal, but the tap aspect was a very exciting addition.

Overall, the atmosphere of the evening was fantastic, all the performances were great and crowd was excited, polite and really playing into the dress up theme.  I hope the evening was a success because I am looking forward to the summer edition already!


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