burlesque festivals

May 6, 2010

Just as a heads up, wordpress has been blocked on the computers at my work so my ability to post mid day has been squashed for now.  Because it is late, but I didn’t post anything yesterday, today I’m just going to post about some upcoming burlesque festivals in the next few months.  If you live near any of these, I highly suggest going.  Festivals give you a great chance to see a variety of acts, possibly do workshops, buy amazing supplies and network with performers.

May 6th-9th Vancouver International Burlesque Festival

June 3rd-6th Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend

June 3rd-6th Austrailian Burlesque Festival (Melbourne)

June 11th-12th Austrailian Burlesque Festival (Sydney)

June 11th-13th Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival (Asheville, NC)

July 21st-25th Toronto Burlesque Festival

Aug 18th-22nd Chicago International Burlesque Fringe Festival

Sept 17th-19th New Orleans Burlesque Festival

Sept 30th-Oct 3rd  New York Burlesque Festival

Oct 22nd-25th Seattle Burlycon


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