fakes lashes (vegan or not)?

May 4, 2010

DISCLAIMER: As with all products, one should always check rather than trust the internet wholeheartedly. Please read the ingredients list or check with the company if you have doubts.

Fake (or false eyelashes) can be a really great way to give yourself an extra dramatic eye look.  Types of fake lashes range from little bunches used on the outsides or along the lash line to fill in sparse lashes to overly dramatic costume lashes. As a vegan, I become weary of things having to deal with hair and makeup since so many makeup brushes are made of animal hair.  So lets break down fake lashes into it’s two components: adhesive and lash.

regular vs, with fake lashes. I am not wearing any makeup here to demonstrate how dramatic a change fake lashes make on their own.

Some fake lashes come already sticky without glue.  Working off what others have told me, lashes where you add the adhesive tend to stay in place better. Eyelash glue is similar to a rubber cement and according to The Beauty Brains website consists of the following ingredients: Water, Rubber Latex, Cellulose Gum, Bentone LT, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Methylparaben, Amommounium Hydroxide, and Iron Oxides. As far as I know, none of those are animal derived, so eyelash glue seems to be a go for vegans out there.

Now, fake eyelashes can come in a variety of different materials.  Many are synthetic, which should be fine for vegans.  Some are human hair, which should also be okay as long as you aren’t skeeved out by wearing someone else’s hair.  The two main concerns for vegans when it comes to  fake eyelashes are silk and feathers.  Many of the colorful or over the top costume eyelashes incorporate some kind of feather either as a base or as an accent.  Personally I haven’t run into many silk lashes, but they are out there, so be careful vegans!


3 Responses to “fakes lashes (vegan or not)?”

  1. Tanya said

    i love wearing fake lashes…when im not wearing my glasses i almost feel a need to have them on.

  2. Melisser said

    I’m a vegan lady who loves wearing fake lashes, so I feel your pain! I’ve been trying to figure out the glue thing, but there doesn’t seem to be much beyond Duo and Ardell.

    • and you do believe both of those to be vegan, correct? The ingredients seem to be mostly chemicals and solvents, so I don’ think there are any animal parts involved. I am very jealous of the crazy dramatic feather lashes though, if I find any good dramatic vegan ones, I’ll post them for ya!

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