makeup purchasing

April 30, 2010

Now, you can get makeup anywhere, but getting vegan makeup is a bit harder.  There are several criteria to achieving animal free makeup.

Different levels of anti-cruelty found in makeup

  • makeup is not tested on animals
  • ingredients are not tested on animals
  • the product contains no animal products (beeswax, lanolin, caramine, etc)

Many makeup companies will have some of their products meet some of this criteria so it is important that unless a company specifically lists their ingredients you should shoot them an email just to make sure.

One company I recently stumbled across was Scarlett Cosmetics.  This small, independent company based out of PA has a wide variety of vegan glitzy eyeshadow that can be pbrushed on dry or mixed with water to create a liquid. The company practices all of the above criteria with their Glamo Glitz makeup.  I wrote to the company just be to sure and got this message back.

Glamo-Glitz are totally Vegan. They are the amazing mineral eyeshadows and are all organic. My cosmetic chemist who happens to be my cousin has been totally Vegan for 12 years.  Thanks Scarlett (edited for space and relevance)

The next makeup prurchase I need to get is red lipstick, which is difficult due to the use of beetle shell (carmine) in most red makeup products.  It seems Urban Decay has a pretty nice looking vegan red lipstick I’ll have to look into.

I also bought fake lashes that i’ll be trying out for the first time tomorrow at Coney Island.  One time in the past for a halloween costume I tried them and failed miserably. Cross your fingers and hope for the best for me tomorrow folks!

The Coney Island stage where 'Burlesque at the Beach' takes place.


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