stepping out on saturday

April 12, 2010

This past Saturday night I attended my first burlesque show in NY.   NY actually has a pretty active neo burlesque scene with different shows running nightly all over the NYC area.  Through the wonderful Sizzle Dizzle I was tipped off about one happening in Park Slope at

All dolled up to see a burlesque show!


Union Hall (which she happened to be performing at).  I made sure to take it easy on Saturday, did some striptease aerobics, downloaded   some music to possibly start choreographing to, and then started the beautification process.  I did some new fancy makeup styling (which will be featured in another post), tried out a new retro hairstyle, pulled out a dress, heels, gloves, grabbed my coat and I was ready to paint the town red!

I headed over to Park Slope, first grabbing a quick bite to eat at S’nice, a wonderful little vegetarian sandwich place nearby in Brooklyn (as well as Manhattan) that I highly recommend. I then headed to Union Hall and anxiously waited down in the basement for the show to begin.  

This show was organized and hosted by Doc Wasabassco and featured several ladies, and one gentleman, who performed an amazing show.  Two of the women were even doing their burlesque premieres that night, which was an inspiration to me.  The show was amazingly creative and involved such varied exciting aspects as  a walrus, Ms. PacMan, a fake sausage boa, and Carmen Sandiego (plus more).  I sat in the audience and jotted down notes between sets in a little notebook like the good little burlesque student I am.  Since Wasabassco is a Brooklyn based show, I plan to try and get more details about performing with them.  Being located so close it could be a great place for my first performance, whenever that might be. Overall it was a great experience, a great inspiration, I was rocking a pretty amazing hairstyle and I can’t wait for the next show already!


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