working out

April 10, 2010

Neo Burlesque is about celebrating and having pride in your body, enough in fact to show it off. At least that is how I feel about it. Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I completely love and accept my body, because I do have some insecurities about it.  I think most people do, even if they don’t admit it.  When I sit around my lunch table at work, it seems everyone is on a diet, going to the gym, or complaining about them. With the goal of eventually being on stage, I’ve started working on my body to tone it up and maybe curve myself out a bit more (without having to always be in a corset).

I figure with veganism, I am already eating healthier than most people on diets, so I’ve just been working on portion control and not eating too many of my mother’s left over vegan peanut butter eggs before bed. As for the gym, I am not a gym member, but I have been taking steps to improve my physical health.  I have a pair of 10lb weights I try to lift before bed to help tone my arms up, but this is the boring part of my exercise routine.

I recently picked up hula hooping. At the burlesque festival I attended a workshop on hooping.  Now, as a kid, I used to hoop around my arms and neck, but could never get it to stay around my waist.  At the workshop, the wonderful Laura Risch who participates with the Happy Hoopers in Bethlehem, PA helped me out. I knew Laura from my undergrad days so it was great to have a person there who I knew who could help.  I was so excited about learning how I actually bought a hoop that very day and my co-worker friend (who went with me to the fest) and I hoop everyday at work during out lunch break.  Hula hooping is a great workout for your middle section and hips.  If you don’t believe, type it into google and you’ll find all kinds of info on it.  In fact, Beyonce uses hula hooping as part of her normal workout routine, and man can she shake those hips!

The other interesting workout I’ve added recently has been an exercise DVD I’ve had for a couple years, but only recently pulled out and started doing. As a college senior, my self-esteem was pretty low and I thought a way to be attractive and alluring was to keep my copy of Carmen Electra’s Aerobic  Striptease video lying around, regardless of the fact that I wasn’t actually doing the workout, which was sadly pretty routine for me.

Now, I know some out there might groan at the idea of this, but I have to say, the dancer’s stretch routine is a great warmup and is similar to many of the dance warmups I did at the Burlesque festival.  If nothing else, I hope this exercise DVD will stretch me out and get my hip shaking muscles nice and strong so I can work some fringe on a stage later.  The DVD isn’t very extensive, but I might pick up a second disc to see if the routines get longer and more intense.  If nothing else, it keep me from plopping down in front of the computer when I get home from work,  which was sadly pretty routine for me.

Tonight I am attending my first NY burlesque show right in the neighborhood.  I’ll post more about that tomorrow!


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