Welcome to the adventure!

April 7, 2010

A few weekends ago I attended the Jim Thorpe Burlesque Festival in the mountainous Carbon County of eastern Pennsylvania.  That weekend had a strong and lasting effect on me. 

Always a performer throughout life, I instantly fell in love with the empowering and freeing aspects of the neo burlesque movement.  As I participated in classes, workshops, and dance routines and watched my first burlesque show I was in awe of the performers with their grace and gust-o.  I knew I wanted to become part of this movement and have been researching and brainstorming over the past few weeks as to how I can.

The only downside of this endeavor has been the clash with my personal ethics.  It has nothing to do with the dancing or pasties though, it has to do with my vegan lifestyle.  As a vegan, I don’t consume or wear any animal products, which can be at odds with the burlesque traditions.  As I looked through the vendors at the festival, I repeatedly was met with feathers, leather and other items that I knew I couldn’t support or wear.

This brings me to this blog.  I hope to share my adventure with all of you as I research, learn, discover and go forward into the world of burlesque on my own vegan terms.  This won’t be a preachy blog, so no worries if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian.  Instead I hope this will be more of an informative resource on places to shop, inspiring burlesque performers, and a way of tracking my progress as I work to take the stage and become a burlesque star, so you can do it too!


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